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5 signs you need to change your health and safety software

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HSE work can be time consuming. To ensure that your business follows the law and implements optimal routines for a safe workplace, you rely on an easy-to-use system, available to the entire organization. But how do you know if the tool you use today is providing the best solution for you?

If you recognize one or more of the claims listed below, it is time to consider a new HSE system:

1. An accident has occurred, but you have no control over the course of events or the extent of damage.
You also do not know if any deviations were reported that can be linked to the accident itself.

2. You spend a lot of time documenting HSE work in writing.

It feels like you are always lagging behind in charting, planning and follow up measures. In addition, it is perceived as unclear who is responsible for what.

3. You use Excel or other manual systems in recording HSE tasks.
For some it may work to have HSE tasks documented in a manual system. But how can you be sure that all documents are up to date? And what about employee availability?Requirements for mapping risk assessment and preventive measures apply to both large and small companies and without a system for recording HSE tasks, it can be difficult to follow the law.

4. If the Labor Inspectorate visits your organisation today and requested access to your risk assessment, would you be confident that your records are up to date?
You are also not sure how to proceed with risk mapping. What do you really need?

5. Only you and/or the safety representative can report, errors, omissions, accidents
or nonconformities.
You find that the system is outdated as it does not work on mobile devices and you must ensure that the right person is notified if an error or accident has occurred.


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Do you recognize these points? You are not alone!

We know that work on systematic HSE is complex, which is why we have developed a solution that meets the regulations, while also creating a safe workplace that promotes a sustainable safety culture.
Safety Manger is a user-friendly, flexible tool that streamlines and simplifies the implementation, management and follow-up of all HSE tasks.


Why choose EcoOnline Safety Manager?

  • Report, investigate and handle accidents – straight from your mobile device.
  • Plan, conduct and follow-up on audits, inspections and safety rounds
  • Make sure actions are taken by the right person at the right time
  • Create your own customised risk assessments that easily and quickly meet your specific needs
  • Carry out HSE work in collaboration with employees, safety representatives and union representatives


Request your Safety Manager demo today and discover why EcoOnline is the easiest choice for a safer workplace. 


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20. February 2020