Substances / Ingredients

Manage the chemical substances contained in the products in your inventory


Search your entire inventory for product ingredient substances. Search by CAS number, Substance Name or EC Number.


Compare the substances in your inventory against regulatory lists including the REACH Candidate and authorization lists.


View the registered and harmonised classification of all substances in the products in your inventory.

Data Input

The Chemdoc team will populate the database with the list of substances taken from section 3 of your suppliers safety data sheets.

Features available with Chemdoc

Simply tell us what products you have in your inventory and we do the rest, Safety data sheet management simplified.

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We work with you to build customisable COSHH Risk Assessment templates that work for your organisation.

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Our on-line platform allows you to complete chemical safety reports which can be distributed to all employees within your business.

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Create Chemical Labels in pdf format at a single click. Use one of our off the shelf templates or get the Chemdoc team to design a custom template to fit your needs.

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“all our Safety data sheets are GHS compliant, we have the most recent version and finally we have a system that is user friendly.”

Aileen Ashe, EHS Engineer, Merck