Stay compliant and keep your customers up to date

EcoOnline’s Reseller is a user-friendly tool for collecting, presenting and distributing safety data sheets (SDSs) through an integrated search engine on your company website.  With Reseller, you can effortlessly comply with national and international legislation, such as REACH and CLP, by supplying SDSs directly to your customers.

Easy to set up & use
Save time & money
Fits the way you work
Share information
In compliance with REACH & CLP

Why EcoOnline Reseller?

We know, from working across many industries, that for safety to be effective it needs to be easy to do. For that reason Reseller aims to help your company easily manage and make safety data sheets available for all your customers on your website. With Reseller you can distribute safety data sheets directly to your customers via email and link to important chemical information and documents, in your webshop.

What do you get?

A cloud based tool to distribute and make safety data sheets available on your company website. Choose ad-on modules to customise your functionality, including ShopLink, Report and Distribution.

Features available within Reseller

Distribute safety data sheets to your customers automatically in compliance with relevant regulations. Track all dispatches and support the dispatch of safety data sheets by e-mail. Integrates with your ERP system.

Link live from a product display in web shop/catalogue, directly to the relevant safety data sheet. Can be linked to a web location or to the product catalogue in your order and inventory system.

Add a search engine to your website enabling your customers to search and access safety data sheets directly from your company website. Real time connection to your EcoOnline Reseller ensures that your safety data sheets are always up to date.

Customise your reports, support and monitor maintenance of SDSs and compliance with regulations, as they change. Use data from any field in your safety data sheets to compile a great variation of reports.