To help our customers and stakeholders manage through the COVID-19 pandemic, EcoOnline has released enhanced solutions and resources to help organisations effectively manage operational risks to ensure business continuity.


Across the world the topic of conversation now surrounds COVID-19 and the unpredictability of what the future may hold. As a Health and Safety professional, this is the time to put contingency plans in place and assess the risks associated within your organisation.

According to the Safety, Health and Welfare Act 2005, employers are to assess risks within their company. They must prepare plans and implement control measures in order to reduce any identified workplace risks to the health and safety of their employees. Companies should thus continuously assess the risk and prepare necessary actions to be taken.

It has been stated that the living race has not seen a pandemic like this before and as we move into unknown territory Health and Safety, now more than ever, must be ready for change to be able to put these contingency plans into practice. Organisations must now realise that with the increased ease of travel and working cross country that these pandemics may become more frequent than we would like to envisage.

Information and statistics on the COVID-19 are changing rapidly creating worry, chaos and misinformation to be spread along with the illness.

Organisations need to have an open dialogue with their employees about the virus, it's potential impact on the organisation and what employees can do to protect themselves.

We have put together a step by step guide on how to conduct a risk assessment for COVID-19

The downloadable guide includes :

  • 3 step guide to conducting Risk Assessments surrounding COVID-19
  • Assess Problems and Challenges in your organisation
  • Risk Assessments Examples
  • Solutions to the issue 


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