COSHH Management Made Easy

  • Quickly create usable, relevant and compliant assessments.
  • GHS Classification field pre populated for you.
  • Easily manage documentation and revision control.
  • No more paperwork.

Custom COSHH Templates

Each organisation has different needs when it comes to COSHH. Deliver focused, relevant COSHH assessments to your staff.

  • Design a template specific to the needs of your own organisation.
  • Easy drop-down builder is simple and quick for non EHS personnel.
  • Pre defined pick fields make adding data much quicker for the user and relevant.

Safety data sheet management simplified

The COSHH Module on Chemdoc will take care of document management side of COSHH assessments for you including:

  • Publishing latest COSHH assessments with updated revision numbers and dates
  • Archiving old versions of assessments
  • Logging the updating of COSHH assessments by registered users.

Distribution of safety data sheets

Our team will input all GHS classification information from the Safety Data Sheet to your database. This data will be pre-filled on all COSHH assessments your team create. The information includes:

  • Full product classification (GHS pictograms, Hazard & Precautionary Statements)
  • List of ingredient substances
  • List of UK Work place exposure limits (EH40)
  • Product transport classification

Replace the need to print hard copies of assessments and request users to sign through the quick and simple COSHH module.

  • Signing off assessments is very simple and organised.
  • Users can download PDF of the COSHH assessments quickly
  • Efficiently Manage users that have read the assessment in one location

Features available with Chemdoc

Simply tell us what products you have in your inventory and we do the rest, Safety data sheet management simplified.

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Our on-line platform allows you to complete chemical safety reports which can be distributed to all employees within your business.

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Create Chemical Labels in pdf format at a single click. Use one of our off the shelf templates or get the Chemdoc team to design a custom template to fit your needs.

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Compare the substances in your inventory against regulatory lists including the REACH Candidate and authorization lists. Search your entire inventory for product ingredient substances. Search by CAS number, Substance Name or EC Number.

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“all our Safety data sheets are GHS compliant, we have the most recent version and finally we have a system that is user friendly.”

Aileen Ashe, EHS Engineer, Merck