COVID-19: Return to Work


This training has been developed to help employers and employees as we begin the phase of returning to work. It is designed to inform workers about the risks and what steps we can take to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

At the end of this training course participants will be able to:

  • Recognise symptoms of COVID-19
  • Understand how the virus spreads
  • Know what to do if you develop symptoms in the workplace
  • Initiate best practice for defence against contracting COVID-19
  • Identify how to follow government protocol
  • Implement safety measures in the workplace
  • What Is COVID-19?
  • At-risk Groups
  • Recognising Symptoms
  • How COVID-19 spreads
  • What to do if you have symptoms
  • Following Protocol/ Communications
  • Hygiene Controls
  • Social Distancing
  • Defence/ Safety Measures
  • Mental Well-being

Course Duration:

30 mins


No of Participants:
The instructor student ratio is 1:10 for this course.


Assessment/ Evaluation:

Pre-return to work form. Attendees sign this as confirmation of attendance.



Not Applicable


Trainer Competency:

Qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser

Health and Safety Qualification.