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Companies from all types of industries and industries use EcoOnlines products on a daily basis. With our software, developed in accordance with national and international law, it becomes easier to build an effective security culture. Based on more than 20 years of experience, our tools are tailored to how your employees actually work.

Health & safety can be difficult to maintain, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, but all employees are legally obliged to maintain workplace safety standards. Manufacturing processes for the pharmaceutical industry involve the use of various machinery and chemicals. Implementing safety and chemical management system that is compliant, operationally efficient whilst safeguarding employees is a huge challenge for companies and EHS Departments.

Medical device companies are constantly designing, engineering and testing new product developments and hazardous products may be introduced throughout the production process. Managing safety and chemical risks are critical to successful product development. Failure to adhere to regulations and best practice puts a company’s reputation on the line, increases risks to employees and heightens the chances of product recalls.

Health & safety can be difficult to maintain, especially in the Aerospace industry, but all employees are legally obliged to maintain workplace safety standards. The aerospace and automotive sectors in particular, use vast quantities of chemicals and mixtures of chemical compounds (the aviation industry uses over 5,000 chemicals and mixtures). Many chemicals used in the design and production of these niche sectors can be extremely hazardous to the health of workers. Meticulous safety and chemical management are required throughout the supply chain process.

The food and beverage industry are one of the most regulated industries. Its goals to protect human health and the environment from safety hazards. To remain compliant and protect brand integrity, food and beverage processors must implement a robust safety management plan.

Consumer goods manufacturers generally have a large variety of production runs often across multiple plants. The creation of diverse product portfolios ensures there is a large variety of safety risks that need to be managed with extreme vigilance. Rapid new product releases and improved versions require constant changes in the processes of products.

The healthcare sector has a duty of care to all visitors, employees and patients to ensure that they are not exposed to risks to health and safety whilst on the hospital premises and must take reasonably practicable steps to protect all from harm. In particular the hospital sector are a major user of chemicals, many are hazardous and pose an exposure risk for healthcare workers, patients, the public and the environment. Managing hospitals health and safety can place a huge burden on resources in the healthcare sector.