Say hello to EcoOnline’s new look & feel!

Our new look and feel goes beyond fonts, icons, and colors. With a strong focus on our client's needs, we have also redesigned the user experience within our products.

Moving all our innovative and easy-to-use solutions under the same roof will make it easier for you to manage and improve your health, safety, and sustainability performance.

Create a unique space for you and your EHS needs and invite everyone to participate and collaborate - because engagement builds a safety culture!


Why are we changing?

For over two decades, we have been dedicated to help our customers making workplaces safer by providing organizations of all sizes with user-friendly EHSQ software that creates engagement and operational excellence.

Our business has reached incredible heights. In few years we have completed six acquisitions, tripled our team, and successfully entered new markets with an updated EHS solution and a new tool for eLearning.

Despite our rapid growth, we have never lost sight of who we are and why we do what we do - our core goal is always to put you and your needs into all product updates and innovations.



What will change?

Firstly, it is important to mention that we are not changing the functionality in the system. The key outcome of this update is to increase the user experience and create a better user interface, by improving the navigation pattern. Most of the changes are all about aligning the navigation across all our applications, including:

  • A new top navigation bar, to unify our new product suite and ultimately our customers experience
  • A new appearance of the menu, with focus on better availability
  • A new notification icon to improve the information flow – accessible from any page in the application
  • A new color schemes
  • A new icon set
  • Improved access to modules and features
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It's a bird!

Another important change is our new logo. We wanted our new look and feel to shine a spotlight on the importance of the efforts you place into helping your workplace become safer and more sustainable.

People have long observed animals for signs of impending hazards or evidence of environmental threats. To many, the story of how the canary became a symbol of safety for miners is well known. Long into the 20th century, coal miners brought canaries into coal mines as an early-warning signal for toxic gases, primarily carbon monoxide.

With our logo, we pay tribute to this extraordinary little bird. By placing the canary in a shield, we want to connect our logo with our mission of helping our customers to create safe, sustainable, efficient, and attractive workplaces through user-friendly SaaS tools.

Before people brought birds for safety - today, you take EcoOnline to work to protect people and the environment!

When will it change?

You can expect to start seeing these changes towards the end of May 2021. Make sure you are following us on LinkedIn and get the latest updates directly into your feed!  

Our Promise


Through knowledge and innovative technology, we are enabling companies to create healthier and safer working environments.


By empowering workers with complete yet highly intuitive tools, our core goal is to drive behavioral change and build a sustainable safety culture.

Customer Succees

Through customer obsession, we enable companies to protect their employees and limit their impact on the environment while reaching compliance and increasing productivity.