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Wanna see a safety magic trick?

Ok, so magic (sort of!) Our Safety Program Starter Pack will transform a reactive safety approach into a proactive one. Here’s how: 

  • revealing the 7 elements of ISO 45001 you need to be including in your own safety program

  • breaking down the key components of an effective safety program

  • how to comply AND maintain your ISO 45001 certification

Our Safety Program Starter Pack is equal parts gamechanger and equal parts lifesaver.


All set for your Safety Program Starter Pack?


Discover why all these great companies have chosen us as their Safety Management solution.  

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Provide analytics to deliver insights

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Achieve leadership buy in

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Empower worker participation

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Maintain compliance with international standards

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Ensure standardization of processes

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Streamline your communication

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Spot gaps with performance evaluation

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Continually improve via trusted methodology

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Grow as your safety needs evolve

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“We are delighted to be working with EcoOnline, as we look to continually develop our Health and Safety Management. EcoOnline gives us greater vision of risk areas across our business both nationally and internationally and will enable us to pro-actively manage our higher risk areas. The system is ideal because it's simple interface and personalised dashboards encourage engagement and ownership, while offering great flexibility.” 


Paul Johnson, Head of Group Health & Safety, DFS 

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Struggling for 360° visibility into your safety program?

It’s more common than you think. Without a comprehensive overview, how can you begin to think about spotting health and safety gaps, deficiencies, trends, or even patterns?

Imagine what you could do with increased visibility...  

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Strengthen your safety practices, simplify your solution

How? Four simple words. Accessible cloud-based platform.

  • Start navigating compliance with ease, avoiding fines and spotting gaps in your safety program.
  • Save time and eliminate silos by improving communication among your various teams.
  • Protect your workers by prioritising problem areas to mitigate risks more effectively. You'll see fewer insurance claims, less downtime, and an increase in money saved. 

Less box ticking, more people protecting!

 EcoOnline’s suite of solutions can help you implement the essential elements you need to comply and maintain ISO 45001 certification. Start your journey to building an impactful safety program.