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EcoOnline’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) module automates and consolidates data collection in order to monitor and track key metrics around corporate social responsibility. The highly configurable platform can log multiple social outcomes for a single CSR activity. This feature will log activities, total worked hours, and assign budget’s that have been done as part of CSR. Businesses can get a summary of overall social impact and social ROI achieved for that activity. 

Potential benefits of CSR can include better brand recognition, operational cost savings, increased sales and customer royalty, positive business reputation and organisational growth. 

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This is a future proof solution to enable easy reporting of SHE-Q related incidents, combined with practical feasibilities for analysis, trends and dashboards. This supports Mammoet’s pro-active driving of SHE-Q results.”

Maarten de Klerk, Global SHE-Q Director, Mammoet

Key Features 

Clear Overview

Accurate measurement of ROI in relation to social activity

Highly Configurable

View CSR impact specific to site or projects

Automatic Data Collection

Dashboard and charts updated automatically to give you monthly analysis of social values

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