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Reporting in Chemical Manager

- how to report smart and effective (EN)

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Nimi: Reporting in Chemical Manager - how to report smart and effective

Kesto: 30 min

Esityspäivä: 26.5.2021

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Reporting is important so both you and your company have control over the chemicals used and stored at your workplace.

We have launched a new report and analysis tool for Chemical Manager and in this webinar Sigthrudur - one of the people who has worked very hard to create our new report and analysis tool - will introduce and show you the new module.

Learn more about best practices for reporting and analysis and get an insight into how you can work with reporting in our chemical management tool, Chemical Manager.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions during the webinar and Sigthrudur will answer these questions live in the webinar.

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Sissa webinar
Sigþrúður Ósk Kristinsdottir - Head of Product Management, EcoOnline Sigthrudur works as Head of Product Management at EcoOnline and have in other words very good knowledge of our products and how they can make chemical handling and safety in the workplace easier. Sigthrudur has worked for EcoOnline for 13 years and therefore knows both our products and the chemical world very well.