Workstation Assessment Software

Assign your workstation/DSE assessments out to individual employees or whole departments for them to complete online.

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Our beta Workstation Assessment Software brings all of your assessments online and eliminates excess paperwork.

Create forms, assign tasks and monitor assessment activity in order to help create a zero-harm safety culture.


The solution gives us greater vision of risk areas across our business both nationally and internationally and will enable us to pro-actively manage our higher risk areas. The system is ideal because its simple interface and personalised dashboards encourage engagement and ownership, while offering great flexibility.”

Paul Johnson, Head of Group Health and Safety, DFS

Key Features 

Clear DSE Forms

Fully configurable DSE assessment forms

DSE Self-Assessment

Can be carried out as self-assessments or by a qualified person

Track Completion

Track completion and compliance on one or multiple assessments (e.g. home & office)

Manager Actions

Create and manage all actions arising from DSE reports

Manager Reports

Review, manage and archive submitted reports

Unlimited Users

Unlimited DSE users

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