Let’s talk about the pain points associated with chemical safety management

Typically, Health and safety personnel are on the ground and often have very limited time at their desk. Chemical safety management requires persistence and often involves a lot of document management. From our experience with dealing with our clients we have come across the most common pain points associated with Chemical safety management.

  • Regardless of how important chemical safety is, it is only one small part of an EHS’s job.
  • Safety data Sheets management is an ongoing task and it can often lead to many SDS’s being out of date if not managed correctly.
  • For many organisations problems can arise when there is a lack of one standard system across different areas which leads to problems such as duplicates and often excess work for responsible personnel.
  • Other problems could be that the excess work is being done however, there is a poor system in place for the distribution of SDS & RA information.
  • Organisations which have their chemical management under control understand the amount of time and resources involved in ensuring compliance.
  • The lack of consistence can lead to no overall picture of Chemical safety compliance across the organisation.
  • No handle on hazards on site (Carcinogens, Pregnancy Hazards, Flammables etc)
  • Manual cumbersome Chemical RA Form