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Chemical reporting and analytics

Comprehensive overview ensures best practice in chemical compliance

  • Customisation – Bespoke reports, lists and dashboards to suit your compliance needs
  • Flexibility and scalability​ - Use the information to prioritise substitution and preventive actions
  • CHEMICAL Compliance - Compare your inventory in line with REACH, COSHH and local legislation
  • Sharing - Share chemical safety reports with staff and print PDF overviews of products and hazards
  • Visualisation - High-level visual setup makes it easy to prioritise chemical safety in your company
  • Real-time - Run live updated inventory checks instantly


New Reporting and Analytics Tool

NEW Custom Reports

Visualise data to catch or monitor high-risk areas

  • Build your own detailed reports
  • High level visual reports in multiple dashboards
  • Focus dashboards on specific topics or locations

"It has become easier because we now just type the products and then the system does the rest. So it finds the safety data sheets, makes the APB's and everything - and keeps an eye on changes and updates"
Tim Christiansen, Working Environment Representative, EC Power. EC-Power-logo_125

Additional reporting capabilities available with Chemical Manager

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Product Inventory Reports

Using Product Inventory Reports you can list products based on:

  • A single classification (flammable, corrosive, etc.)
  • A specific risk (pregnancy hazard etc.)
  • A number of classification criteria (CMR report to show all carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic hazards)
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Custom Reports

Run reports based on any physical or environmental properties connected to your products

  • Location specific information
  • Reports on properties (carcinogens, allergens, environmental hazards etc.)
  • Use the information to ensure the health and safety of your workers and the environment
Legislation Lists

Run reports on substances within the products on your inventory and filter according to regulatory lists 

  • Extract information from substances in your safety data sheets

  • Compare products in your inventory against regulatory lists

  • Filter reports according to regulatory lists, markets or even locations in your company

Key Reporting Features of Chemical Manager

Legislation reports
Advanced reporting
Amounts report
Fire reports
Environmental reports
Safety Data Sheet Revision Reports
Custom reports
Inventory reports

Administrative Co-ordinator, EcoOnline

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