Remove barriers. Increase reporting.

Frictionless Reporting

Exponentially increase data capture to make better safety decisions, using everyday apps.


One of the primary reasons events go unreported is that people do not have instant access to the reporting tools. Our frictionless reporting concept removes virtually all barriers - simply.

We use existing technology and apps to simplify the process - making recording events in as little as 20 seconds.

Traditional event reporting channels are open to human error, data missed or misreported. Our frictionless reporting puts a stop to that whilst we leverage artificial intelligent virtual assistants to capture; location, date, time and event details.

  • Mobile first approach to event reporting
  • No downloads required
  • Artificially intelligent virtual assistant
  • Ensure essential information is collected.


 “Feedback from employees is that the solution is simple and allows for easy reporting and since implementing Swift, near miss and hazard identification reporting has increased by over 50% (vs. same period in 2019) and is being rolled out across other areas of the GKN Wheels & Structures business.”

Andy Jones 
HSE Coordinator, GKN Wheels & Structures

Key Features 

Easy to Use

No learning curve. As easy as filling any online form or typing a conversation. Perfect for fringe users.


A.I. powered virtual assistants collect essential information and pull event details into AVA, increasing incident reporting.

Integrated Actions

Raise corrective actions from EcoOline's integrated action tracking module - track actions through to completion

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