The Learner

Learn anywhere, anytime

  • Explore the unique combination of educational content that is contextually tied to the work at hand
  • Keep yourself informed, safe and healthy by learning about potential hazards at work
  • Get immediate access to all the courses you are assigned to
  • Gain full control of your progress, total training time, and accomplished badges and points



Create engagement and increase learning retention through gamification

  • Tailored by your administrator by setting up different tasks that accumulate points and badges

  • Collect points in numerous ways, like logging in, unit and course completions, certifications and discussion contributions
  • Provides incentive for investing in training and adds an element of fun to increasing your knowledge



Enroll in any course with just one click

  • Simply click on your selected course and be presented with the information page, description, content and goals
  • The courses may consist of different types of units like videos, interactive exercises, presentations, assessments or tests
  • Easy to view all certifications gained and categories of enrolled training programs

Stay motivated by visual downloadable infographics and micro-stats

  • Track your skills with regular analysis and develop a positive learning path that helps you stay motivated and engaged
  • Provides an easy to read overview of enrolled and completed courses, training time and earned badges and points
  • Creates a visual overview of your training efforts through pass rates and numbers of certifications achieved in comparison to your colleagues

Key Features of The Learner Experience

Dashboard with a complete course overview
Denotation of total training time in hours and minutes
Easy access with a streamlined journey and flow
Percentage bar indicating your course progress
Assigned training on individual basis
Awarded certifications and badges

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Learn at a place and time that suits you

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