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Measure performance. Create benchmarks. Reduce incidents. Capture key performance indicators from around your organisation.



Save time and improve flexibility with Monthly Statistics. EcoOnline EHS offers users the ability to automatically track performance and capture KPI for in-depth reporting. Ease of use with configurable charts and graphs help users to measure performance, create industry standard benchmarks and reduce incidents.


After seeing a live demo of the system, we realised it was a great fit for our global organisation. The intuitive nature and the multi-lingual functionality of the database were key components to partnering with EcoOnline. The real-time custom dashboard, charts, and mobile app capabilities are truly remarkable. The new advancements and technological features that are coming soon will further enhance our reporting capabilities. We are excited about this new partnership and the prospects of future advancements.

Joel Johnson, Global Safety Specialist, Silgan Holdings

Key Features

Automatic Tracking

Automatically track industry standard benchmark


Drillable stats for in-depth reporting

Performance Tracking

Track performance over time

Ease of use

Easy to use and configurable charts and graphs


Capture any number of KPIs

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Hannah McGuire

Account Manager, EcoOnline Ireland

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