Safety Management Systems Expertise

Eco online can provide the expertise necessary to set up your Safety Management System, making it specific to the needs and requirements of your organisation.

This structured system will ensure all elements of health and safety within your organisation are managed effectively, your legal requirements are addressed, and your employees and others within the workplace are protected.

You can be assured that your organisation will operate within a safe environment.

Our experienced consultants have worked extensively in a wide range of industries including:

  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical device
  • Transport / Logistics
  • Chemical
  • Laboratory
Tailored service to ensure compliant practices are implemented company wide.  
Industry Leading
We have a vast array of experience and knowledge to solve all aspects of EHS Management.
Save time and money. Utilise our EHS experts only when needed at a fraction of the cost.

Our consultants are your health and safety resources providing guidance and support when needed at minimum cost compared to a full time employed specialist.


Documenting your Safety Management System can demonstrate that you are doing your very best to provide a place of safety for your employees. There is a moral and legal obligation to ensure the safety of employees. This is best achieved by having a documented safe system of work. This documented system demonstrates your commitment to achieving a safe working environment by stating your policies, demonstrating your planning, recording your risk assessments and control measures.

Consultancy Services We Provide:

Investigate via root cause and analysis Accidents reported

Advise and Help by email or phone

Drafting and implementing of your Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Schedule and Over See Fire Drills

Report on Areas of noncompliance in Health and Safety Legislative requirements in your organisation

Assistance in preparation of your Bespoke Health and Safety Documentation using our Eco online Safety Manager

Agenda setting, Conducting & Chairing of Regular health and Safety Meetings with Management and Staff

Assist in Drafting your Health and Safety Procedures/ Standard Operating Procedures

Review/ Update or Create your Health and Safety Statement including your Health and Safety Policy

Conduct Risk Assessments to determine your organisation health and safety risk level

Conduct an Audit of your organisations current level of Safety Performance