Free Virtual Seminar (CPD Accredited)

Virtual Seminar: Managing Hybrid Workers Health, Safety and Wellbeing

This is a 2-hour interactive virtual seminar.

About the CPD Seminar:

This virtual seminar will explore why hybrid working is different to lockdown homeworking and how to protect workers health, safety and wellbeing.

CPD certificate of attendance will be made available to all participants. 

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When & Where?

Availeble on-demand

Location: This is a virtual event and will be held online

About This Event

  • What are the implications hybrid working has on organisations for managing workers’ health, safety, wellbeing and productivity?
  • How do you help your workforce effectively manage risks in the hybrid model?
  • How continuous improvement to safety, health and welfare to include hybrid workers can be demonstrated?

Seminar Objectives

  • An understanding of what a hybrid worker is and the training requirements.
  • Awareness of the difference between lockdown homeworkers and hybrid workers.
  • Knowledge of employer and employee responsibilities for hybrid worker safety, health & welfare.
  • Understanding of best practice solutions to monitor and track safety, health and welfare (SHW) performance in the key areas of hybrid working.

Our Speaker


Louis Wustemann is a writer and consultant in employment issues, with a specialist knowledge of health and safety and remote and hybrid working. He is the author of The IRS Handbook Of Flexible Working: Law & Practice

Aoife OBrien - headshot - transparent background
Aoife O’Brien - Happiness at Work expert

Aoife is passionate about ‘fit’ and specifically how creating the right environment can help individuals to reach their full potential and support organisations to thrive. She partners with HR and business leaders to focus on four pillars: engagement and belonging; leadership equity; performance and productivity; and the future of work.