Being able to keep track of all the substances contained within the products you use can be very difficult to do manually. A window cleaner or a glue could have multiple substances in its composition. Luckily Chemdoc has an online Substance Search tool that make this task easier for you.

With the Chemdoc Substance Search tool, you can very quickly find out if any of your products have a specific substance contained within them. Chemdoc is able to do this, as Chemdoc spends time extracting the substances details as listed in section 3 Composition/Information on Ingredients of your SDSs.

You can search by chemical identifiers EC or CAS . This is the most reliable search method as Chemdoc assigns the chemical identifiers in their data extraction process for you. You will then be given a list of results. If you want to see the product the chemical substance is contained within, simply click on the dropdown arrow to be show the product name. If you hover over the product name it will give you the department name and you can click on the product name itself to be directed back to the product details page.


Step 1: Go to substance tab and search by EC or CAS

Step 2: Click on the drop-down arrow to view the product or products the substance is contained within