Chemical Agent Risk Assessment


It is the duty of every employer to determine whether any hazardous chemical agents are present at the workplace and to assess any risk for the safety and health of employees arising from the presence of those chemical agents.


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Course Objectives

By the end of this course participants will:

  • Identify chemical hazards associated with chemical products.
  • Understand the legal requirement to carry out Chemical Agent Risk Assessments.
  • Improve risk management practices using simple assessment tools.
  • Carry out an effective chemical risk assessment.

Course Outline

Course had been designed to include:

  • Introduction to Chemical Risk Assessments.         
  • Chemical Safety Awareness
  • Risk Assessment Process
  • Case study
  • Completion of a Chemical Agent Risk Asssessment.

Course Evaluation

Written exam

Course Duration

3 - 4 hours


Certificate of Attendance. Valid for two years.

Trainer Competency

Qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser

Health and Safety Qualification

Chemical Safety Specialist

Seadna Morey
DGSA Advisor/Trainer

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