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Fire Safety Awareness


Our Fire Safety Awareness training has been developed by experienced Fire safety professionals.

The course is tailored to suit your organisation based on information received and a review of your premises. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the hazards and risks associated with Fire in the Workplace. Healthy and Safety Legislation requires that employers prepare and revise adequate emergency plans and procedures and provide the necessary measures for firefighting and the evacuation of the workplace. Consideration for all employees and anyone connected with the workplace must form part of how an employer addresses this area of safety health and welfare and specifically the provision of emergency access and egress.

The legislation also requires that sufficient information, training and supervision is provided to ensure the safety of employees, and also that such instruction, training etc. must take account of any employees with specific needs, to ensure their protection against dangers that may affect them.


Who Should Attend

All Employees including those with specific roles in the organisations Fire Safety Management Plan including Fire Wardens and Fire Marshalls.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course participants

  • Will identify potential fire hazards in the workplace
  • Employees will understand their role in the prevention of fire in the workplace
  • Ensure fire equipment is working properly and is sufficient for the risks identified
  • Know how to evacuate safely in the event of a fire emergency

Course Outline
  • Fire Safety Legislation (Overview)
  • Understanding the Chemistry of Fire
  • Fire Hazard Identification
  • Fire Safety Checks
  • Flammable Liquids and Gases
  • Action in the Event of a Fire
  • Management of Evacuation
  • Assisting immobile persons to evacuate
  • Staff Duties in the Event of a Fire

Method of Delivery

Class Room Based: On site delivery

A Practical and interactive approach to Learning is undertaken by our experienced and qualified instructors. Our instructors have practical experience in Fire Safety Management and tutoring all levels of learners.

Participants will gain an understanding of fire prevention principles and evacuation procedures for their workplace.

Course Duration: 2 – 4 Hours dependent on client requirements.

No of Participants: The instructor student ratio is 1:12

Assessment/ Evaluation: An assessment takes place at the end of the session

  • To be successful, participants must achieve a mark of 80% or greater in the assessment


Successful completion of the course will be recorded for compliance

Retraining in Fire Safety Awareness is suggested at intervals of no more than every 2 years.

Seadna Morey
DGSA Advisor/Trainer

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