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Manual Handling


Health and Safety Legislation places a requirement on the employer to:

  • Avoid/Reduce hazardous manual handling
  • Conduct manual handling risk assessments
  • Provide instruction and training

EcoOnline can provide your employees with the necessary skills to perform manual handling tasks to a recognised standard.



Who Should Attend

All employees that are involved in the handling and movement of loads as part of their daily work tasks.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course, the employee

  • Will identify areas of risk when handling and moving loads
  • Will understand the principles of safe handling of loads
  • Will understand the anatomy of the spine and how to avoid injury
  • Will achieve the learning outcomes and competencies of the principles of safe handling

Course Outline
  • Legislation associated with manual handling.
  • Anatomy of the spine and mechanism of injury
  • Risk Assessment for Manual Handling tasks
  • Practical Manual Handling Techniques
  • Use of Mechanical Aids
  • Workplace ergonomics.

Method of Delivery

Class Room Based: On site delivery

A Practical and interactive approach to Learning is undertaken by our experienced and qualified instructors. Participants will gain skills and confidence to enable them to safely handle and lift loads particular to their workplace.

Course Duration: 3 Hours as directed by client

No of Participants: The instructor student ratio is 1:12 for practical skill sessions

Evaluation / Certification

Evaluation: Participants complete a multiple-choice examination paper and undertake a practical skills assessments. In order to be successful, participants must achieve a mark of 80% or greater in each element of the assessment

Successful completion of the Manual Handling Course leads to certification by EcoOnline. All successful participants will receive a certificate.

Recertification in Manual Handling is required every 3 years.

Trainer Competency

Health and Safety Qualification

Seadna Morey
DGSA Advisor/Trainer

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