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Anomaly Detection - Looking Back and Moving Forward

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Title: Anomaly Detection - Looking Back and Moving Forward

Time: 45 minutes

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Data is the modern-day oil, with huge value often lying dormant or unseen. The safety industry is no exception. EHS professionals are presented with increasing amounts of data and a growing number of sources – from social media to ever expanding IOT and system integrations.

The opportunity to find valuable insights can easily be missed due to the amount and frequency of changing data. One way to automatically gain data insights faster and more efficiently is to introduce anomaly detection methods and similar event tools.These provide a powerful channel to automatically detect changes or shifts in safety data or similar patterns of events that previously would go unseen.

Rob Leech, Airsweb Product Development Director will deliver an engaging and interesting session on a subject relevant to all EHS professionals.

Be part of the start of this conversation, exploring the possibilities for using anomaly detection and similar event patterns to increase insights that are currently ‘unobserved’.

Definition: Anomaly detection refers to identification of items or events that do not conform to an expected pattern or to other items in a data set that are usually undetectable by a human expert.

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Our Speakers

Rob Leech Profile
Robert Leech, Principal Product Development Director

Robert Leech is Principal Product Development Director at EcoOnline.

Rob was a founder of Airsweb, which was acquired by EcoOnline in 2020, and has been responsible for leading all aspects of product management, R&D and product vision since 1999.

Working closely with global clients, Rob’s role ensures the EcoOnline EHS platform delivers and satisfies ever changing business demands.

Rob has over 20 years’ experience producing web based software applications and holds a bachelor degree in Systems Analysis and is a Chartered professional member of the British Computer Society. 


Kellie Mundell
Kellie Mundell, Digital editor, IOSH Magazine As the Digital Editor of, I write and commission content for 48,000 IOSH members globally. Responsibilities include news reporting, commissioning, social media management and content curation such as eNewsletters, podcasts, webinars and videos.