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The Role of Behavioral Based Safety within Organisations

15th May


Title: The Role of Behavioral Based Safety within Organisations

Time: 64 minutes

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Human behaviours have always been a major cause of workplace incidents and accidents throughout the years. When it comes to monitoring critical and at-risk behaviours at work, behavioural based safety programs have shown to be processes that could support, reveal and assess overall safety cultures and practices within an organisation.

Established as a way to enhance working practices in industrial settings, Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) strives to focus workers attention on their own and their peer’s daily safety behaviours. In short, most BBS programs mandate that management and employees alike consistently focus their attentions and actions on their own daily behaviour in order to keep themselves, their colleagues and their operations safe.

This webinar examines the origins of Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) and focuses on some of the below topics:

  • What are Behavioural Based Safety programs
  • Importance of understanding that BBS programs must work hand in hand with already established health and safety practices
  • Some of the key concepts utilised in behavioural safety
  • Importance of full organisation buy-in and participation in the programs
  • Utilising the programs to enhance overall organisational culture
  • Developing systems to monitor and analyse behaviour
  • Setting key objectives and monitoring improvements

Our Speakers

5e70f273d805c8d83a454cf6_Adel Lawson - Profile sq
Adel Lawson - HSEQ Manager Prolific HSE professional with experience in corporate, oil and gas, consulting and manufacturing environments. Decisive leader with a proven record of building and leading effective cross-functional, leadership and virtual teams, focused on the creation and implementation of exemplary HSE strategies.
Henry Mooney_1
Henry Mooney - Dangerous Goods Advisor, EcoOnline With over 20 years’ experience working within chemical safety, Henry shares a great deal of expertise managing dangerous substances and working on COSHH Compliance. In addition Henry has worked with some of the largest companies across a multitude of industries.