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Best Practices of Storage and Segregation of Packaged Chemicals and Dangerous Substances

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Title: Best Practices of Storage and Segregation of Packaged Chemicals and Dangerous Substances

Time: 1 hour

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This webinar brought to you by IOSH and EcoOnline provides an introduction to storage and segregation and storage of dangerous substances in addition... 

  • Guidance and regulations
  • Warehouse environment versus process environment
  • Deciding what controls and mitigating measures
  • Digital solutions to assist chemical management
  • Q&As


Chemicals and other dangerous substances in storage are at risk from fire, chemical reaction and pressure build-up, among many other risks. Dangerous goods advisor Henry Mooney observes too many clients storing chemicals unsafely or segregating dangerous substances incorrectly. Deciding what controls and mitigating measures to implement can be challenging; this webinar will focus on how to safely store and segregate dangerous goods in warehouse and process environments.


Our Speakers

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Dermot Dinan - Solutions Manager, EcoOnline UK & IRE Markets Dermot has more than 15 years' experience in developing and deploying health and safety systems in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing and consumer goods.
Kellie Mundell
Kellie Mundell - Host, Digital editor, IOSH magazine

As the Digital Editor of, I write and commission content for 48,000 IOSH members globally. Responsibilities include news reporting, commissioning, social media management and content curation such as eNewsletters, podcasts, webinars and videos.

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With over 20 years’ experience working within chemical safety, Henry shares a great deal of expertise managing dangerous substances and working on COSHH Compliance. In addition Henry has worked with some of the largest companies across a multitude of industries.