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A best practice approach: How to build a Successful COSHH Management Programme

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Title: Building a Successful COSHH Management Programme

Time: 63 minutes

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In this webinar, we will go through the importance of managing your COSHH effectively and we will discuss the following topics:

  • Building your chemical inventory
  • Sourcing supplier safety data sheets
  • Design/Development of your COSHH template
  • When are COSHH assessments required
  • Assigning responsibility for completing COSHH assessments
  • Monitoring compliance
  • Distributing completed assessments

This workshop provides an executive view of how to manage your chemicals and how to build a successful COSHH Management Programme.

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Our Speakers

5e70f273d805c8d83a454cf6_Adel Lawson - Profile sq
Adel Lawson - HSEQ Manager Prolific HSE professional with experience in corporate, oil and gas, consulting and manufacturing environments. Decisive leader with a proven record of building and leading effective cross-functional, leadership and virtual teams, focused on the creation and implementation of exemplary HSE strategies.
Henry Mooney_1
Henry Mooney - Dangerous Goods Advisor, EcoOnline With over 20 years’ experience working within chemical safety, Henry shares a great deal of expertise managing dangerous substances and working on COSHH Compliance. In addition Henry has worked with some of the largest companies across a multitude of industries.