Take note of the hazardous labelling on the chemical products you buy for personal or professional/industry use

The CLP Chemical label provides you with the information you need to identify hazards and put effective measures in place to mitigate these hazards. It is also important to reference back to your Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for more detailed information.

From the 1st January 2021, a new label element called a UFI is required on products for consumer or professional use which are classified with health or physical hazards. Eventually products for industrial use will also be required to display a UFI number.

The main aim of the UFI number will be to provide information to the poison centres in Europe in the event of an accident or incident. As the UFI must be displayed on the label it can be easily identified to the poison centres and they can revert back to the information provided by you as part of the UFI notification process i.e. formulation, name, toxicological information etc.

The new 16-character UFI code must be displayed on your product label with the other mandatory information. The label in our downloadable poster provides an example of how this might be displayed.

Download our poster below.