Get an overview of the hazard pictograms with our free GHS / CLP poster

Since 2012, CLP has provided guidelines for the classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals. After 1 June 2017, all safety data sheets and hazard symbols shall be updated in accordance with CLP chemicals regulations.

Download our CLP / GHS poster, hang it up and give your employees an overview of the dangers.

The CLP rules apply to all companies that manufacture, import, distribute or use hazardous chemicals. The orange symbols are replaced with pictograms, which are white with a red border. In addition, there are several symbols you need to be aware of.

If you manufacture, sell, distribute, or import chemicals:

  1. Are your products available in stores with the old danger symbols? Make sure these get the new brands or are withdrawn from the market.
  2. Review your safety data sheets and check if the information complies with the new classification requirements. Do it today!
  3. Put the new brands on all your products.
  4. Make sure your customers get the up-to-date safety data sheet – if you're not careful about this, it can have major consequences in the rest of the value chain.


If you handle chemicals in your workplace:

  1. Educate all employees what the new danger symbols mean. A good tip is to hang up an overview where chemicals are used so that the information is visible to everyone.
  2. Check for packaging that you fill up yourself and make sure these are equipped with the correct marking
  3. Update the risk assessment and find out if the new classification affects your risk. You may be surprised
  4. Require your suppliers to label the products with the CLP label.

Download our poster below.