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7 Steps to Revolutionise Your Health and Safety Maturity and Culture



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Title: 7 Steps to Revolutionise Your Health and Safety Maturity and Culture

Duration: 30 minutes

Synopsis: As part of our series on Health and Safety Maturity, we’ve examined what it is, what perfection looks like, and how to guide your organisation on its journey towards a mature health and safety management system, and supporting culture.

We also explored the role of technology in driving maturity and culture, the importance of data and analytics, and how to approach assessing your organisation’s current position.

However, while technology is critical to success, it cannot help you achieve your objectives alone. It must be part of a broader strategic approach to maturity and culture.

In this webinar, we will take a more strategic look at the broader requirements needed to drive health and safety maturity, from the overall management system to technology, through culture and continuous improvement.


Lewis Magan: Lewis has over 5 years’ experience in EHS and Occupational Risk Management software. He’s worked with global organisations across a multitude of industries, including rail, aviation, transport, logistics, engineering, FMCG, construction and more. He has a special interest in leveraging technology and innovation to drive safety culture and safe behaviours.


Rob Cronan: Rob is an EHS technology and digital transformation specialist at EcoOnline, with a passion for helping organisations 'go beyond health and safety' to drive commercial success. Rob’s background encompasses enabling organisations to digitally transform their EHS processes and systems, driving EHS maturity, and writing ebooks and guides about technology and future strategy.