Are your business and workforce ready to manage a crisis? | Webinar [cri][we]
On-Demand webinar (CPD ACCREDITED)

Are your business and workforce ready to manage a crisis?

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On-Demand Webinar

Title: Are your business and workforce ready to manage a crisis?


Crisis Management is a vital consideration for any organisation and refers to the planned strategies in place to deal with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens harm. Crises come in many forms for example; fire, chemical spill, extreme weather and more recently a pandemic.

The common denominator is that humans need to respond to the situation, prevent escalation, and restore normal operations. Speed in responding is vital and technology plays a key role. Moving crisis management systems from paper to online is a more effective way to ensure business continuity and the safety of workers. A virtual crisis room where everyone can easily access planned responses, communicate effectively and in one place during a crisis, plan and record drills and training. 

In this fireside chat, we discuss the ‘Human Dimension’ of crisis management and how human behaviour and technology can have a significant impact on the ultimate outcome. 

Key Learnings

  1. An overview of Crisis Management
  2. Legal requirements and  standards for emergency planning
  3. Best practice approach to crisis mgt (Communicating, planning, training, drills, digital tools)

Our Speakers

Kjell Brataas - Senior Advisor and Consultant in Crisis Communication

Kjell Brataas is a senior adviser in the field of crisis communication with a varied background from government institutions and private companies. He has a practical background from helping in the handling & managing the response to the tsunami in 2004-2005, the terrorist attacks in Norway in July 2011 and the COVID-19 pandemic. He is the author of "Crisis Communication - Case Studies and Lessons Learned" and "Managing the Human Dimension of Disasters - Caring for the Bereaved, Survivors and First Responders" published by Routledge.

Harald Axelsen
Harald Axelsen - Solutions Director, Crisis Mgt at EcoOnline

For several years, Harald has helped customers and potential customers to implement digital solutions for crisis management. He is used to being in dialogue with potential users of Crisis Management and knows what challenges companies typically have and how they can best be solved.

Bridget Author Image

Bridget is a Chartered Fellow of IOSH and the British Psychological Society (BPS) and alongside writing articles, blogs and whitepapers, provides health and safety consultancy. She delivers classroom and virtual training and is a subject-matter expert for eLearning courses. Much of her consultancy involves developing and supporting the implementation of tailored risk management systems for clients, covering a range of hazards and situations.