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Six Steps to COSHH Compliance Webinar



Title: Six Steps to COSHH Compliance

Time: 1 hour

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There are many aspects to COSHH so to help you understand, EcoOnline's Chemical Safety in-house expert, Max Smith, has delivered a webinar on the fundamentals of COSHH and hazardous substance management in the workplace.

You will learn:

  • What are the COSHH regulations and what do they do?

  • Six steps to COSHH compliance

  • Common pitfalls in practical COSHH compliance

  • 2023 update

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Our Speakers

Max Smith
Max Smith - Solutions Consultant, UK EcoOnline Having spent nearly 5 years working in the food & drink industry followed by pharmaceutical manufacturing and a Masters in Chemistry, Max identified several shortcomings regarding chemical exposures and COSHH compliance. This led Max to joining Sypol to assist companies in maintaining and proving their compliance with relevant regulations. After seeing many past colleagues battle with the adverse effects of coming into contact with hazardous substances, Max is always looking to find the easiest and simplest way that companies can keep their colleagues safe.