Climate Risk Disclosure – what do I need to report and where do I start? | EcoOnline Webinar [esg]
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Climate Risk Disclosure – what do I need to report and where do I start?

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Understanding and embracing sustainability practices are imperative for long-term success. The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) set a global baseline for climate risk disclosure, that is now embedded in various standards and regulations for corporate reporting, including the IFRS International Sustainability Standard Board (ISSB).

Our webinar, "Climate Risk Disclosure – what do I need to report and where do I start?," delves into the significance of climate risk disclosure for businesses. We will explore the core principles of the ISSB framework and how its implementation facilitates effective risk management, regulatory compliance, and meeting investor expectations. By adopting ISSB guidelines, businesses not only enhance their resilience against climate-related risks but also bolster their commitment to sustainability, thus securing their future viability.

Key Topics Include:

  • Introduction to TCFD/ISSB
  • The benefits of TCFD / ISSB for businesses 
  • An explanation of the key elements of the TCFD Framework
  • A breakdown of the steps involved in TCFD reporting

Join us as we navigate through the essential components of TCFD, providing actionable insights and practical strategies for integrating sustainability into financial reporting practices.

Your Presenters

sarah photo

Sarah Middlemiss

Head of Space and Sustainability

Sarah Middlemiss combines her expertise in global supply chain mapping with her deep sustainability knowledge. At Ecometrica she managed the space programme - Forest2020, funded by the UK Space Agency, whose aim was to protect and restore up to 300 million hectares of tropical forests by improving forest monitoring in six partner countries through advanced uses of satellite data

Laura OBrien

Laura OBrien

ESG and Data Intelligence Analyst

Laura O'Brien holds a Master's degree in Climate Change Science and Policy. During her tenure at Ecometrica, she played a key role in crafting various geospatial products that adhere to frameworks such as TCFD and CDP Forest & Water. Her expertise includes optimising the use of satellite data for reporting purposes and predicting climate impact.