Dangerous accident in warehouse during work - wounded worker

Maximise Incident Management to Minimise Accidents


Title: Maximise Incident Management to Minimise Accidents

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Duration: 1 hour


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In this webinar we will look at incident management in the workplace and how good incident management policies, procedures and practices lead to reduced accident rates. Topics covered during the webinar will include:

  • Demystifying the meaning of the terms – Accidents, Incidents, Near Miss, Good Catches and Dangerous Occurrences

  • Practical advice on the management, prevention, reporting and recording of incidents.

  • Incidents as opportunities to prevent accidents and unnecessary cost

  • Incidents and continuous improvement of safety systems and profit margins

  • Incident management and compliance with ISO 9001/45001

  • The value of employee participation in incident management

  • The role of technology in meeting requirements

  • Walk through of EcoOnline's digital safety management solution

  • Q&A session




C Jordan_100x100
Catherine Jordan, PhD
Product Specialist, EcoOnline


Catherine has over 20 years’ experience working within HSEQ across many industry types and specialises in safety & quality management. She has worked within numerous industry types such as manufacturing, engineering, aviation, healthcare, medical device, food and Beverage etc.

Siobhan ODwyer 100x100
Siobhan O'Dwyer
Solutions Advisor at EcoOnline - UK & IRE Markets


Siobhan has over 15 years experience in developing and providing solutions to clients in a wide variety of industries including retail, logistics and supply chain, manufacturing and fast moving consumer goods.