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Inspection-Ready: Achieve Chemical Safety & COSHH Compliance with Confidence

Duration: 45 Minutes

Metalworking Fluids


Join us for an insightful webinar tailored towards Health and Safety professionals who are responsible for ensuring COSHH compliance, controlling workplace exposure limits and chemical safety. Expect invaluable insights and actionable steps to secure your organisation's COSHH and chemical safety protocols.

By examining the successes and shortcomings of past inspections, we'll uncover the key factors that contribute to compliance and highlight potential pitfalls to avoid.

Our experts here at EcoOnline will provide practical guidance on how to proactively prepare for an HSE inspection, equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure regulatory compliance and workplace safety.

From comprehensive risk assessments to robust exposure control measures, we'll explore strategies to strengthen your COSHH management practices and minimise the risk of chemical exposures.

Key Topics Include:

  • What to expect during an inspection
  • Understanding the requirements for COSHH compliance
  • HSE's Metalworking Fluids Inspections Campaign
  • Leveraging technology and data analytics for proactive risk management

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Your Presenters

Joe Ashbridge

Joe Ashbridge

Senior COSHH Management Solutions Consultant
Nick Ship

Nick Ship

Senior Business Development Manager