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Taking the risks out of hybrid working

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As organisations have cautiously scaled down pandemic lockdown-induced home working, many have chosen not to bring formerly office-based workers back full time. Instead, a mixture of employee preferences, and potential business benefits, has prompted many organisations to set up hybrid work schedules. But how can safety and health practitioners help ensure that this new work pattern does not introduce new risks?

Our expert panel will discuss:

  • The transition from lockdown homeworking to hybrid working
  • What a hybrid working policy should cover
  • Risk assessing home workspace
  • DSE set up for hybrid workers
  • How to avoid unnecessary stress and isolation
  • The role digital solutions can play in supporting hybrid working

Our Speakers

Jade Walton - Product manager - EcoOnline
Louis Wustemann - Writer and speaker on health, safety and sustainability issues
10858_2021123111553_Judith IMG_10858_20211203111553232
Judith McNulty-Green - Occupational safety and health application manager - IOSH
Kellie Mundell - Host - Digital editor, IOSH magazine
10858_20211215122810_MAtt Birtles_10858_20211215122810923
Matt Birtles - Principal ergonomist - HSE