ESG Summer Stream | EcoOnline Webinar

ESG & Sustainability: Responsibility to Profit

Join us live from EcoOnline’s Summer Seminar for an insightful session linking the big trends in ESG and sustainability to the benefits and opportunities that they can bring for small, medium and larger businesses. Exploring some of the key barriers and obstacles that companies face, we'll use practical examples to help turn theory into action to drive improvements and profits.

What will you learn?

EcoOnline’s Head of ESG, Helene Melby Brodersen, and SVP, ESG, David Picton, will focus on 4 key topic areas: 

  1. ESG and the Why - Macro to Micro Perspectives: The climate crisis, the polycrisis, and the 4th revolution 
  2. Opportunities, Benefits and Profits
  3. Challenges and Barriers
  4. How - Including Real Examples from Our Own ESG Journey and ESG Report 

This will be an engaging and personal dialogue rather than a traditional lecture. Discussing each area in a Q&A format, David will share his seasoned experiece as an ESG thought leader and previous Chief Sustainability Officer, and Helene will share her experience testing and trying out all his theories. Have your own ESG questions and concerns? Sign up to join the live conversation.