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The Power of Next Actions in OHS



Title: The power of next actions in OHS

Date: 23rd September

Time: 12.00 pm (BST)

Duration: 1 hour


Companies dedicated to making a real difference in workplace OHS need to implement best practice action management. It is a fundamental component to showcase adherence to management standards under (the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) continuous improvement cycle for ISO 45001) and a must-have for showcasing safety compliance.

 An OHS best-practice action management model needs to be easy to use for all staff, allow all employees to prioritise tasks, be interconnected to everything and everyone, and provide a rich visual real-time picture. 

In this discussion, our experienced EHS panel will discuss all things action management such as:

  • What are the barriers/challenges to effective action management? 
  • Sharing first-hand experience on the positive business impact since implementing digitalised OHS systems. 
  • The benefits of engaging staff in action management. 
  • Are there metrics or KPIs that should be reported on concerning action management? 
  • What does the future of action management look like in the workplace? 

EHS Panel Discussion

Jade Walton - Product Manager, EcoOnline
Jade Walton is the Product Manager for Actions, and is responsible for setting the direction and strategy for the module across EHS. Jade is passionate about building a lovable product that helps our customers to succeed in overcoming the problems they face, and achieves this through robust research and working collaboratively with our customers.
Billy O'Brien - Customer Success, EcoOnline

Billy O’Brien was co-founder and Customer Success Director of Engage-EHS, one of the UK and Ireland’s foremost safety software providers. Billy strives to help companies and their employees stay safe and have the best possible user experience with safety software.

Engage EHS was acquired by EcoOnline in early 2021 as part of its vision to be the leading EHSQ Software partner for companies of all sizes, creating safe and sustainable workplaces for all.