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Increase productivity and reduce admin time with a centralised training platform

When you speak with one of our team members, you get to see exactly how our software helps you streamline your health and safety training system so you can grow a positive safety culture. 

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One centralised platform

Simplify Your Health & Safety Training System With Munio

Gain control over your health and safety learning and training with a simple-to-use platform. You can reduce training admin time while increasing productivity. Plus, when you use Munio you’ll maintain compliance easily and encourage safer work practices.  

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"Today's market demands more cost-effective and better safety training. E- learning will be a large part of future training both to increase quality and reduce costs. 

Monica Gjersund,  HR consultant at NASTA.

Safety training is a complex and tedious task

Creating, administering, and managing health and safety training requires a lot of your time and energy. Even after you finally finish setting the training up, you still must manage the training across all the different roles and departments. (Not to mention trying to track and deliver all the training once it’s planned!)  


Inaccurate information could lead to fines or even lawsuits

When you manually input information mistakes happen (more often than we even know). This leads to incomplete or missed training and the accidental non-compliance that follows.

When you’re not confident everyone has been properly trained, there are increased risks to the organisation- like untrained internal or external workers doing high-risk work on unfamiliar sites. If an accident does occur you’ve opened the organisation up to potential fines or in more extreme cases, lawsuits.  

Finally, take health & safety training off your plate with a fully digital solution

Simple means you can you can find, build, control, and centralise all your Health & Safety training with access to a learning platform.  Plus, close training gaps using off-the-shelf training content for chemical safety management.

Empower your workers to take control of their safety training when they can take training on their schedule. Promote a safer work culture that:

  • Increases efficiency  
  • Improves worker productivity    
  • And maintains compliance 

Chemical Safety Management Courses

A collection of focused courses specifically designed for chemical management. Deliver engaging eLearning content built by learning experts. 


Munio Core

Easily assign and distribute learning to internal and external workers. Plus, you can build learning paths using a combination of Munio courses and your own content. 


Popular Courses 

  • Chemical Safety in the workplace
  • Getting to know the safety data sheet
  • Substitution of chemicals
  • Chemical risk assessment
  • Hazardous substance 

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API Integration

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