Environmental Health Management Software

EcoOnline's environmental management software solution allows you and your organisation to make the transition to a resource-efficient economy.


Environmental Health Management Software Modules

EcoOnline's environmental health management software modules allow you and your organisation to track and reduce organisational emissions, optimise raw material usage and automate and schedule regular reports. Check out our portfolio of modules below.

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This is a future proof solution to enable easy reporting of SHE-Q related incidents, combined with practical feasibilities for analysis, trends and dashboards. This supports Mammoet’s pro-active driving of SHE-Q results.”

- Maarten de Klerk, Global SHE-Q Director, Mammoet

Key Features 

Measure & Manage Consumption

Input consumption figures easily & configure units with inbuilt converter

Configurable Workflows

Use workflows to set or escalate actions & take ownership of consumption reduction across your entire organisation

Query Builder

Slice and dice your data to understand the metrics important to you & use rolling date ranges for real-time reporting

Data Visualization

Establish patterns and common emission spikes & visualize data as tiles or best practice graph styles

Environmental KPIs

Set intelligent usage alerts & define scope for direct and indirect emissions

Targeted Usage Campaigns

Meet your CSR goals by tracking and then reducing consumption and emissions

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