EcoOnline Webinar | Avoid Greenwashing – How to ‘DEPEND’ on your ESG claims [esg]
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Avoid Greenwashing – How to ‘DEPEND’ on your ESG claims

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Title: Avoid Greenwashing – How to ‘DEPEND’ on your ESG claims

Duration: 1hr

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Synopsis: “Reputation is like fine china – once broken, it’s very hard to repair …” (Abraham Lincoln)

As environment, social and governance (ESG) strategies and reporting are now core to risk and reputation management, organisations must work harder than ever to prove and verify their ESG claims. Data visibility and trusted evidence are crucial to supporting growth, meeting new regulations and responding to the needs of customers, staff and wider stakeholders. However, the consequences for those found to be ‘greenwashing’ – making false or misleading claims about positive ESG impacts – can damage or detonate reputation, sales and share prices.

A recent high-profile European Union study found that 42% of online sustainability claims were “exaggerated, false or deceptive”, and Forrester’s analysts suggested that at least 10 companies could incur $5 million or more in greenwashing fines this year. The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will take effect in a few months, and the Securities and Exchange Commission have proposed extensive mandatory ESG disclosures. Being able to back up responsible business claims is increasingly fundamental, but complex data challenges and outdated manual processes can quickly overwhelm organisations.

Wherever you are on your ESG journey – whether in full flow or taking your first steps – there are ways to avoid greenwashing. We will cover some of those in this webinar, which will explore:

  • Recent trends, facts and figures around greenwashing
  • Why it’s a problem
  • A brand-new 6-Check Model (‘DEPEND’) to guard against greenwashing
  • How data visibility solutions can help

Our Speakers

David Picton (002)
David Picton - SVP ESG and Sustainability, EcoOnline

David is a former Chief Sustainability Officer and has over 15 years’ experience in designing, implementing and leading ESG and sustainability programmes. Working with global customers across multiple sectors, he designed the EcoOnline ESG software platform, achieved the Queen’s Enterprise Award for Sustainable Development and presented to the UN in Geneva on responsible business.

Andrew Peterson-1
Andrew Peterson, ESG Product Manager, EcoOnline

Andy is responsible for the ongoing development of Ecoonline's Environmental, Sustainability and Governance solution. Before joining the business he worked in a similar capacity in the communications, assistive technology, utility and software distribution sectors. Shortly after taking up the role in 2021 he oversaw the product's successful market launch and has continued since to help build the businesses' growing reputation for providing innovative ESG services to customers in the UK, Ireland and Europe.