EcoOnline Webinar | Managing Permit-to-Work Remotely [epe]

Managing Permit-to-Work Remotely

PTW Remotly


Title: Managing Permit-to-Work Remotely

Duration: 30mins

The ability to effectively manage Permit-to-Work (PTW) processes remotely has become an essential aspect of ensuring safety and efficiency. Join us for an insightful webinar titled "Managing Permit-to-Work Remotely," where we will explore how ePermits empowers organizations to remotely handle the issuance and closure of permits, suggesting potential workflow solutions even in scenarios involving unmanned properties or instances without an Authorized Person (AP) on-site.

This webinar is designed to address the growing need for remote management of Permit-to-Work (PTW) processes without compromising safety standards. In just half an hour, participants will gain comprehensive insights into the challenges of remote PTW management, discover how ePermits overcomes these challenges, and witness a live demonstration of the platform's capabilities for remote permit issuance and closure.

Our Speakers

Richard Dsilver_profile_circle2
Richard D’Silva - Solutions Consultant EcoOnline

Richard has over 12 years’ experience in H&S Compliance Management software for Contractor Management and Permit To Work software solutions. He has worked with clients around the world in a wide range of sectors including Financial Services, Data Centres, FM providers, Healthcare, Professional Services, Local Government, Education and Manufacturing.


Lewis has over 5 years of experience in EHS and Occupational Risk Management software. 
He’s worked with global organisations across a multitude of industries, including rail, aviation, transport, logistics, engineering, 
FMCG, construction and more. He has a special interest in leveraging technology and innovation to drive safety culture and safe behaviours.