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Training & Learning, where improving workplace safety begins

Is the training content that you’re delivering really engaging? Is your safety management system as simplified as it should be?  
Striving for these improvements might seem like “nice to have” for some. To others, it ensures a competent workforce, prevents injuries, tracks compliance, and safely accelerates business operations.

Which side are you on?

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Deliver engaging health and safety training across your supply chain.

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Prevent injuries

Remove barriers to learning for everyone you are trying to protect.

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Increase worker productivity

Deliver engaging content at the right time for the right roles in the right location.

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Maintain compliance

Easily track training completion to identify and resolve gaps.

Is your training program addressing the dynamic needs of your organization?

 “Recordable safety incident rates are typically three times higher for contractors compared with permanent staff.” 
Worker training compliance is complex. It also carries risk to the health and safety of people, property, and assets. Contractors pose additional safety risks compared to full-time employees, as they may not be familiar with the environment, layout, or other business operations. 

To avoid adding to these numbers, take a step back and ask yourself if any of the following issues sound familiar? 

  1. Trouble maintaining consistent health and safety standards across the supply chain, causing inconsistent training and an increased risk of accidents/incidents.

  2. Difficulty tracking compliance leading to limited proof of due diligence.

  3. Overcomplicated processes are an administrative burden and take time away from meaningful safety improvements. 

  4. Onerous induction management and training verification slowing down operations. 

  5. Trouble maintaining learner engagement with workers cutting corners to simplify work. 

  6. Staying ahead of new or updated regulations makes it difficult to update and execute training, leading to compliance gaps.


Find, build, and control your Health & Safety training with an easy-to-use platform

With accessible and engaging learning, not only will you promote safety and prevent injuries, you'll also promote trust throughout your organization that protecting people is at top of mind.

A user-friendly learning experience available for your entire supply chain can significantly improve worker productivity. It also provides peace-of mind that contractors and internal workers are following best safety practices and protocols.



An easy to operate system will remove cumbersome training procedures and processes that impact your bottom line. Contractors can now be onboarded quickly, which will remove delays to work. 

Having all key data accessible in one place makes it easier to maintain compliance. Centralizing and automating key safety training data significantly reduces the risk of missed steps and information. Thereby mitigating the risks of non-compliance, human injury, investigations, increased insurance premiums, and a damaged business reputation.

Simplified training management, it's closer than you think!

When you leverage a simple learning solution that improves safety awareness and reduces organizational risk, you’ll benefit from built-in best practices to meet training objectives and safety KPIs. 

Safety training software can make an immediate impact due to its ease of use for both administrators and learners. The user role-based training is designed to increase safety participation while access management is linked to training across the supply chain for safer operations.

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    “At the Sappi Kirkniemi factory, we have spent years utilizing EcoOnline's learning solutions on our internal intranet and their platforms. They have invariably worked well and learners are likely to give positive feedback on implementations and usability. We will continue to have our eyes open about the relationship offered by EcoOnline and will take advantage of the applications they have produced as part of the diverse online learning environment that we offer our own people.”

    Jari Haijanen, Manager Environment and Safety


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    “The customer service is very friendly, fast reacting and customer oriented. We received excellent support in setting up the system and in training the users. Any questions we have are answered very quickly and helpfully.”

    Maria Weckman, Safety & Security Leader


Over 400,000 contractor employees have completed training through EcoOnline

Our software is the only training and learning solution that focuses on simplifying operations for the training of your entire supply chain. Keep your people safe and operations moving by reducing the steps at the gate from over 20 to just 4!

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Fewer accidents happen when you can focus your time on mitigating risks

When you speak with one of our in-house EHS experts, you’ll discover the exact modules that will help streamline your organization’s current Health & Safety processes. Save time and grow a positive safety culture with the help of intuitive  EHS software.

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