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Observation Software: Promote Lasting Change

Mobile-first. Frictionless. Put safety in the hands of your employees.

  • Easily identify areas of risk and proactively implement control measures.
  • Increase employee engagement to promote key safety behaviours and positive reporting.
“Feedback from employees is that the solution is simple and allows for easy reporting and since implementing, near miss and hazard identification reporting has increased by over 50% (vs. same period in 2019) and is being rolled out across other areas of the GKN Wheels & Structures business.” 

Andy Jones, HSE Coordinator & System Administrator, GKN Wheels & Structures.

Still using traditional reporting?

Traditional observation and hazard reporting can often be inaccessible and impractical for your employees.


Engage your employees, improve workplace safety

Don’t make behaviour change in the workplace more difficult than it needs to be.

Make meaningful change

Engage your employees. Promote positive behaviour. Remove all barriers for hazard, near miss, and positive observation reporting with a mobile-first approach and proactive safety management.


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  • Capture observations offline and sync whenever you’re next online.
  • Track corrective and preventive actions: our powerful analytics and dashboards highlight observation impact.
🛠️ Step by Step

Getting started is simple


Key features


Managers can note and review observations upon submission.

action tracking

Add high, medium, or low priority status to your actions.


Attach photographs, videos and accurate locations to reports.

“The information is presented in such a way that areas of concern can easily be identified. This has enabled us to close areas of concern proactively rather than waiting for an event to occur.”

Michael Armitage, EHS Manager, Siemens

Fewer accidents happen when you can focus your time on mitigating risks

When you speak with one of our in-house EHS experts, you’ll discover the exact modules that will help streamline your organization’s current Health & Safety processes. Save time and grow a positive safety culture with the help of intuitive  EHS software.

25+ Years of experience

Trusted by 10,000+ customers worldwide

With the knowledge from 90 different industries we have developed our platform to make sure it tailors to your needs.
Don't take our word for it.

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