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Articles by Dina Adlouni

An Introduction to Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases, or GHGs, are those which trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere by absorbing and emitting radiation....

How to Find Your eGRID Subregion: A Guide for US Companies

Jack, a member of the sustainability team at a construction company in the United States, is hard at work trying to...

Safety Data Sheets 101

Take a look at our most recent topic on Safety Data Sheets

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Using AI to Elevate Your EHS Approach

From chatbots to self-driving cars, AI is in nearly every aspect of life. But what exactly is AI or artificial...

The GHG Protocol in a Nutshell

On a cool spring morning, Patrick, an EHS manager at a manufacturing company, is looking at emails in his inbox. A...

A Closer Look at TCFD Recommendations

Meet Neil, an EHS manager who has learned his organization must report their Task Force on Climate-related Financial...

Get Your TCFD Reporting Questions Answered

Does your organization qualify for TCFD reporting? Do you have questions about this framework and what it could mean...

Electricity Emissions Factors and How to Calculate Your Electricity Emissions

“Electricity consumption falls within an organization’s Scope 2 emissions,” Brian says. “So, as part of our...

Greenhouse Gases, CO2e, Carbon and More: Common Sustainability Terms You Should Know

It’s lunch time and William, the EHS manager at a manufacturing company, is speaking with his superior, Brian. He...

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