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Permit to Work Software

Easily Manage Your Permits & Eliminate Excess Paperwork

Our permit to work software lets you create, issue and manage permits for all manner of hazardous work.

  • Gain control over permit issuance and approval.
  • Improve your handover process.
“The aim is to systematically develop a safety culture and safety management. We were looking for a flexible tool that will not take time to build, but can focus our energy on our core competencies.”

Hannu Seppä, Security and OHS Manager, Framery 

Paper, paper everywhere

Risk Assessments. Training records. Method Statements. Plant records. Audits.

A permit can require all of this documentation, and more. Can you easily locate them? Or are they scattered across multiple offices and sites?  


Can you count on your paper permits for hazardous work?

Permits are a vital part of preparing for the safe completion of high-risk activities.

Relying on paper permits that are copied and passed around lead to them becoming lost or unavailable when you need them. This can also complicate your handover process.

Our Solution

EcoOnline's Permit to Work software allows users to quickly and easily create, request and manage permits for all manner of hazardous works. All stakeholders in the work are given visibility on permit content, facilitating better communication with your team and contractors.

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  • Choose from General and Specialist permit templates, depending on the nature of the work.
  • Permits can be sent through several stakeholders for review and sign-off, where it can be accepted or rejected.
  • Extended permits link back to the original documents.
  • Gain total oversight of all permit-related information with Insights dashboards.
🛠️ Step by Step

Getting started is simple


Key Features


Attach risk assessments and method statements to your permits.

Send back

Handback permits for completed work or Cancel if incomplete.


System is offered in multiple languages.

Multiple Questions

Create your own safety precaution questions.


Ability to combine multiple permits into one record.

“With EcoOnline's digital solutions, we have taken occupational safety management to the next level.”

Laura Eskola, HR Manager, Chromaflo Technologies Finland Group 

Fewer accidents happen when you can focus your time on mitigating risks

When you speak with one of our in-house EHS experts, you’ll discover the exact modules that will help streamline your organization’s current Health & Safety processes. Save time and grow a positive safety culture with the help of intuitive  EHS software.

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With the knowledge from 90 different industries we have developed our platform to make sure it tailors to your needs.
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