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Avoid risks such as deforestation with supply chain monitoring software
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Deeper insight into environmental risks using Supply Chain Monitoring Software

Get a full analysis of supply chain threats and uncover any potential problem areas with robust supply chain monitoring. Put your mind at ease with effective supply chain monitoring, using both ground and satellite monitoring services, to streamline your approach to comply with supply chain environmental rules and regulations.   

 “The move to the platform has been a success - the system is intuitive and easy to use, and the support of the team has been excellent. I particularly value the way the team tries to put themselves in our shoes to understand our reporting needs.”

Oliver Dudok van Heel, Head of Client Sustainability and Environment, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

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Tackling sustainability monitoring challenges can be difficult

It can be challenging to monitor environmental and climate-related risks to your supply chain using non-specialized tools and manual processes. With several points of contact and a variety of geographical locations, data can get lost and siloes can be created providing limited information and inconsistent data.  


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Is your business at risk of not being compliant with supply chain regulations?

With inaccurate data and little transparency in your supply chain, how can you ensure you are satisfying all rules and regulations? Overlooking certain elements could lead to a lack of compliance with reporting frameworks and increase the chance of risk to your business. 

Supply chain monitoring just got easier

EcoOnline’s supply chain monitoring solution will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to environmental risk in supply chain monitoring and reporting, providing you with a dynamic tool to gain greater clarity and analysis into your supply chain.  


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  • Break down silos in various regions of your supply chain
  • Obtain real-time supply chain threat monitoring and analysis of environmental risks on a global scale
  • Gain actionable insight using authoritative data to maintain compliance with legislation
  • Make informed decisions to enhance your sustainability performance year after year

🛠️ Step by Step

How our supply chain compliance software works

Our digital solution will highlight all environmental risks found within your supply chain ranging from deforestation to climate risk, so you can make the right decisions to make your business more resilient.  
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Step 3 Supply Chain Monitoring Software

Collect the data you need to make more sustainable decisions

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Environmental Risk Profiler

Understand all potential risks to your supply chain including deforestation risk, water risk, as well as biodiversity status. With a personal risk profiler, you can gain insight into potential threats.

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Forest Due Diligence

Monitor historical deforestation, deforestation risk and restoration for every asset or sourcing area in your supply chain to comply with new legislation related to forest-risk commodities.

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Water risk profiler

Get a clearer view of past, present, and future risks to water within your supply chain. This will help you quickly take action and make data-driven decisions about potential suppliers’ water risks.

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Climate risk profiler

Gain insight into all physical risks to your supply chain including water shortages, storms, flooding, wildfires, and more using our global climate model projection data, mandated by specific ESG frameworks.

Together, we identify ways of improving our environmental performance, to meet our long-term objectives for a sustainable low-carbon, energy efficient transport company. The National Express Group are keenly aware that in an age of climate change, diminishing and unequally distributed natural resources, and unstable energy supplies and prices, it's imperative that we work smarter and with the right partners in our carbon emissions reporting and sustainability accounting systems” 

Ruth McKeown, Group Environment & Sustainability Manager, 
National Express 

Frequently asked questions

What is deforestation?

Deforestation is the removal of a large number of trees in an area to create space for another structure such as a farm or building.  

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is a term which describes how many species are found in a certain location and how much the ecosystem has been affected by human activity.  

What do you need to do to achieve compliance within your supply chain?

Achieving supply chain compliance varies from framework to framework and is even affected by the location of your company. It’s important to become familiar with the framework(s) that corresponds to your region and company specifications.

What's an environmental risk in supply chain?

An example of environmental risks in your supply chain include storms or flooding. Certain supply chain locations can be affected, and it can stall production or even lead to the shutdown of that particular facility. That’s why supply chain monitoring is so important so you can become aware of all environmental risks which could exist within your supply chain, enabling you to take the necessary precautions to remain resilient.  
Elevate your supply chain monitoring technique

Our supply chain compliance software is powered by over 15 years of experience in climate risk and metrics

Choosing our supply chain compliance software allows you to easily uncover and pinpoint problem areas within your supply chain, keeping your business compliant with legislation. Speak with one of our in-house sustainability experts today and discover how we can help simplify your processes while providing more clarity and resilience to your business. 

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