Safety training for SDS: what’s your plan?

Safety training for SDS: what’s your plan?

Written by Dan Ryder

Published June 12, 2023

When it comes to leveling up health and safety in the workplace, giving your employees access to high-quality training is vital. Of course, we all know the importance of compliance when it comes to Safety Data Sheets (SDS), but ensuring your staff are equipped with information on the latest regulations is not always easy.

Stacked against all the urgent tasks on our to-do lists, conducting an evaluation of safety training methods and materials can often get pushed to the bottom. The good news is that you’re here reading this! Which means that you’ve probably started to consider what safety training online can unlock for you and your team.

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SDS Training: what’s the big deal? 

Achieving compliance and chemical safety in your organization is made a whole lot easier once your team has a sound understanding of SDS. Without this, you put your organization at risk of holding incorrect or out of date information for any hazardous materials or substances that you handle. You have a legal requirement not to let this happen. 

SDS training provides employees with the knowledge and skills to handle chemicals and other hazardous materials in the workplace safely. Plus, having the required training will empower your staff to be confident about key information about hazard identification, labelling requirements, protective equipment, and emergency procedures.

Access to SDS training is crucial for regulatory compliance and for creating a safer and more productive workplace.



The secret to effective training 

Offering SDS training is only one piece of the puzzle. The other is the system in which you provide and manage your training. Safety training systems should facilitate an outstanding experience for administrators, instructors, and learners. 

A comprehensive safety learning management system allows administrators access to real-time insights and reports for complete control. The opportunity to set up automation saves a significant amount of time, while keeping on top of recurring courses and certifications. 

Instructors can reap numerous benefits. In switching from traditional classroom training to a more efficient blended learning experience, they can expect to see improved engagement and increased productivity. 

Learners can benefit from the ability to learn anytime and anywhere. Having access to the latest SDS information will empower staff to feel safe and secure in their work.


Your streamlined solution for SDS training

Switching to a digital solution for your learning management system is a lifesaver. It enables you to track training progress and provide ongoing support to your team. In addition, all your training courses and materials are frequently updated to ensure that they are in line with the latest regulations. What this offers you is priceless – peace of mind regarding compliance.  

Investing in safety training is not only the right thing to do, but it can also positively impact the bottom line of your business. By reducing the risk of workplace accidents and injuries, you can minimize downtime and lost productivity, while also avoiding costly legal fees and compensation claims. 

Our safety training solution is trusted by over 6,000 organizations across multiple industries. It boasts an extensive e-learning library of interactive courses created by HSEQ experts. Our courses support both e-learning and instructor-led training. This enables participants to access materials easily and to learn at their own pace.  

A key benefit of our Training & Learning solution is that it fully integrates with the EcoOnline platform. Having your training built into the EHS safety software you already use ensures that everything related to your SDS is in one accessible place.

In conclusion, EcoOnline's SDS training programs are a valuable resource for strengthening chemical safety and compliance in your workplace. 

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Author Dan Ryder

Dan is an experienced copywriter with a master's degree from the Manchester Writing School. He joined EcoOnline in November 2022. 

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