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Exposure reporting made easy

Workplace Exposure Reporting Software to analyze exposure to chemicals and hazards

Easily report and monitor worker exposure to hazards and chemicals in the workplace. Gaining insights and understanding is the first step towards elimination of workplace exposures and improved worker health.

  • Valuable insights to help your high-level decision making.
  • An efficient tool with schedule options to save you time.
  • Easily view or report exposures to chemicals or other workplace hazards.
“EcoOnline has given us a much better overview of our use of chemicals and the risks involved. We now always have up-to-date safety data sheets and we can extract good reports in terms of inventory, risk, exposure and more.” 

Mowi ASA
The cause of a global health crisis

Exposure to chemicals & hazards at work

Workers around the world are facing a health crisis due to exposure to chemicals and hazards in the workplace. 

Some workers lose their life due to chemical and hazard exposures. They succumb to fatal diseases and poisonings. They receive fatal injuries following fires or explosions. 

Workers and their families are also affected by non-fatal injuries. These result in disability, debilitating chronic diseases, and other complications, which often remain invisible. 


Exposure prevention

Injuries, illnesses and deaths are preventable. 

Recording, analyzing, and understanding how and when workers are exposed to toxic chemicals and other hazards in the workplace are the first steps towards prevention.

EcoOnline's Workplace Exposure Reporting

Exposure Reporting is a module within Chemical Manager, the EcoOnline chemical management tool. It enables users to easily report and monitor worker exposure to hazards and chemicals in the workplace.


Exposure Reporting - Solution (2)

  • Health and Safety Managers can gain valuable insights into worker exposure to hazards and chemicals to help their high-level decision making.
  • Local Managers can use valuable insights into worker exposure to hazards and chemicals to prioritize actions and control. Exposure Reporting is an efficient tool with schedule options that saves time.
  • Workers can easily access a full overview of their own exposure to hazards and chemicals with a simple web form or dynamic, real-time mobile reporting of exposure.
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Getting started is simple


Exposure Reporting Features

Single Use

Report exposures on the fly with our mobile app or use the web form to easily capture worker exposure.


Easily set up plans to automatically capture exposures that happen on a regular basis.


Option to receive notifications via email with the opportunity to confirm or delete the exposure instances directly from the email.


Out of the box forms provided, with the option to create company specific templates or categories for exposure.

“EcoOnline has made us work in a much better way with chemicals and we really appreciate the support as chemicals are not our core business.” 

Maria Weckman, Safety & Security Leader, IKEA
Exposure reporting simplified

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