L’Oréal’s Facility scoops prestigious EcoOnline Sponsored RoSPA Award

L’Oréal’s Facility scoops prestigious EcoOnline Sponsored RoSPA Award

Published June 8, 2022

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Today, EcoOnline announces that L’Oréal has been awarded RoSPA’s (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) International Industry Sector Award for its Colour Cosmetics Centre of Excellence, North Little Rock Manufacturing facility.

RoSPA is the only UK charity to work across occupational health and safety, and road, home, leisure and education safety. RoSPA promote the exchange of life-enhancing skills and knowledge by researching the evidence base for accident prevention, campaigning on big issues and sharing advice and information. They provide training, consultancy, qualifications, events and products for businesses and professionals to help them manage risks to their workers and others. As part of their commitment to reward best health and safety practice in the workplace, RoSPA welcome organisations into their membership and awards communities where they can learn from each other and celebrate their achievements. Today, RoSPA is proud to play its part in the significant reductions in death and injury in workplaces across the UK.

DSC_0360RoSPA’s Vice-President, Lord Jordan of Bourneville, and the team from L’Oréal North Little Rock

Sponsored by EcoOnline, a one-stop software platform for workplace safety, this prestigious, global award takes health and safety performance from the entirety of the previous year into account. The scheme is part of RoSPA’s commitment to help organisations learn from others in the industry and celebrate achievements in health and safety management.

L’Oréal’s North Little Rock plant entered the manufacturing sector of the Industry award category, which identifies organisations with the best industry-specific health and safety performance. Based in Arkansas, USA, it is one of L’Oréal’s largest cosmetics manufacturing locations and was awarded this highly prestigious accolade based on the strength of its Health & Safety values and protocol, which RoSPA assessors agreed were widely understood across the manufacturing plant.

L’Oréal proved its dedication to high quality health and safety through work-place accident data, policies, training and risk assessment which showcased consistently excellent performance, a requirement for entrants to the award. Head of corporate health and safety, Malcolm Staves, has built and maintained an all-encompassing safety culture at L’Oréal. “It’s about making people feel valued”, Staves says. “If you visibly take care of the safety, health and wellbeing of your people then you retain their talent.”

Entrants to the Industry Sector category were also required to provide detailed answers to questions surrounding health and safety communication, to ensure that award winners had robust procedures in place to learn from, manage and evolve their safety practices. RoSPA is the UK’s only health and safety charity, providing training and advice to help organisations manage workplace risk. Its Industry Sector Awards have rewarded outstanding health and safety management across the globe since 1993.

EcoOnline provide digital software which makes it easier for users to locate and understand information systems and safety guidelines, streamlining the risk assessment and elimination process to ensure that organisations can protect their employees. Aside from sponsoring this International Sector Award, EcoOnline also provided the secure online entry platform for participants in support of RoSPA’s ongoing mission to provide safe and sustainable workplaces for all.

Commenting on the significance of the award, EcoOnline says “there are around 6,000 work-related accidental deaths every single day in the UK, and we are dedicated to the message that health and safety should be a global obligation. RoSPA’s work in raising awareness around health and safety best practice is incredibly important to protecting professionals in the workplace, and this award should not only be seen as an accolade but also a recognition of an organisation doing the right thing, and doing it well. We congratulate L’Oréal and hope it inspires other businesses, regardless of sector, to invest in the tools to achieve the highest health and safety standards.”

L’Oréal’s North Little Rock Manufacturing Facility received their award on Tuesday 17 May 2022 at the RoSPA London Ceremony and Gala dinner, held at ExCel London.

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Author Robyn McArdle

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